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Reduce the Stress and Strain of Moving with the Help of Senior Moving Services

Sep 06, 2021

Moving is stressful for anyone, and it can be especially so for seniors. If you have been in your home for a long time, the prospect of relocating can come with a lot of extra emotional turmoil. On top of that, moving is just physically grueling. It’s important that you protect yourself during this potentially overwhelming phase of your life. Working with a coordinator like Harmonia Collaborative Care that specializes in assisting seniors with every phase of the move can do a lot to alleviate stress, as well as prevent physical injury.

The emotional component of moving

When you think about everything that goes into a move, you’re probably thinking of a lot of planning, phone calls, packing, and physical work. What you may not be aware of is that moving may also be psychologically or emotionally distressing. Transfer trauma or relocation stress syndrome typically becomes an issue for seniors after a move, especially to a care facility – but simply the process of packing up and leaving a beloved home can be disrupting, even traumatic.

How hiring a professional can help

This is when hiring a senior move manager can be a good idea. Senior move managers are meticulously trained to facilitate every component of your move, not just the logistics. They can assist with the sale of property, downsizing, negotiations among family members, and organizing your new home. They are also trained, through it all, to give ongoing emotional support. If you need additional services such as hiring trash removal or cleaning services, a move manager may also be able to arrange this. When hiring a move manager, talk to them about your concerns and needs, and make sure they come fully insured and with good references.

What to look for in a moving service

Whether you hire a move manager or not, it’s advisable to work with a moving company that caters to seniors or offers discounts to seniors. This is important, especially if you are wary about straining yourself with too much physical exertion. Avoid companies with prices that sound too good to be true or that have no reviews or references: These may be scam movers that prey on older adults or people in vulnerable circumstances. A good moving company will be able to answer all your questions and walk you through the process. They also should offer packing and unpacking services. Again, make sure the company you hire is insured.

A few extra tips for a smooth move

One of the best things you can do to ensure a drama-free move is to plan well in advance. Contract with services and companies at least two months prior to your move date, especially if you’re moving during the summer when companies are booked up. If you are involved in the moving process, limit physical exertion and be cautious about lifting too much. Be aware of the security risks associated with relocation, too. It’s a good idea to get the locks on your new home changed before you move in. Have a professional locksmith do this for you so you can be sure the locks are correctly installed. Make sure you hire a reputable local locksmith by reading testimonials and comparing prices online or even getting recommendations.

How to settle in

Be sure you let loved ones know how to contact you and have all their contact information handy, as well. Try to have at least one room fully organized and prepped before you move in and that all the utilities are turned on. You, a loved one, or your senior move manager should be sure everything you need for comfort - food, toiletries, medication - is ready on hand.

Moving is going to be stressful, no matter what way you approach it. But there are ways you can make it less stressful, as well as less physically taxing. Having reliable professionals with you through every step of the process is one way to protect yourself. If you are in search of additional support or health care services during your move, contact Harmonia Collaborative Care.

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